1. Credit 101: The 5 C’s of Credit

    Credit is important in all aspects of owning a business. If you’re looking to start a small business or grow your current business, you’re going to need credit. However, there are no strict guidelines that lending institutions must follow when granting credit as some lending institutions put gre…Read More

  2. How to Fix Your Credit

    Living without credit is like living without a social security number: you won’t live very well without it. Credit makes the world go around. Businesses grow on credit. Goods are bought and sold on credit. The average person lives on credit of some kind, be it a home mortgage, credit cards, or a c…Read More

  3. Welcome to The International Association Of Credit Engineers

    Starting a business is a daunting task. How do you start a business? What steps do I need to take? What should I call my business? And how am I going to find the capital to start my own business? And when I need more capital after my business begins to grow, where do I turn? The mission of The Inter…Read More