The International Association of Credit Engineers is a Private Membership Association. We offer the following curriculum / educational outline to all of our members as part of their membership. The goal of TIACE and its Educational Curriculum is to educate people on Credit, Money, and Banking. Each member will learn the cause and effect of their day to day actions that make the difference between excellent credit and amazing banking relationships with tons of credit and poor credit and what that costs. Ultimately at the end of their education they will be able to maximize their credit with the intension of using it as a tool to improve their lives and maybe even own their own business.



Week 1: Understanding the basics of credit (40 min).

Week 2: Learning about Credit Reporting and The Credit Reporting Agencies (40 min).

Week 3: The Legendary FICO Score what is it and how is it calculated (60 min).

Week 4: How can you control your FICO Score (40 min).

Week 5: OPEN Q&A Forum on the prior 4 weeks of material (30-60 min).




Week 1: What Comprises an ACE Credit File compared to a looser credit file.

Week 2: What Comprises and LOSER Credit File.

Week 3: What can easily be corrected on your credit profile

Week 4: What may not be easy to correct on your credit profile, but at least you will know whats easy to correct and what will take some work.

Week 5: Your Options – can you fix it yourself or would you like one of our relationship members to assist you and how that may unfold.

Week 6: Now That You Understand Credit – Will You Use That To Your Advantage? – Or will you use the disparagement of what you are about to learn to be a short-sighted fool?

Week 7: If you had a 760+ Credit Score and understood what that achieves you in the eyes of the bank, what are your goals? In this section of our curriculum, its especially important for everyone to understand their goal and commit to them.


3. GOALS : What do you want to do with EXCELLENT CREDIT and what you will use it for, in other words – Why did you come to us and what are your goals? In the section below you will be very clear not only on the path to your goals but how to do it:


A. Week 8 : Debt to create wealth (40 min)?

B. Week 9 : How to use debt in an arbitrage situation so that you have a net gain in buying real hard products (60 Min).

C. Week 10 : How to resell your credibility and earn income from all of your prior successes. We will have a conference call that will be recorded and have all the info I share there (40 Min).

D. Week 11 : What really are your goals? It is extremely important to know what your goals are. We have the flexibility to work with our tools and assist most able (While it might be for an additional fee – lol we can create a better circumstance. So, let’s spend an hour together and iron this out? (90 Minutes). (60 minutes)

E. Week 12 : REALLY, will you give up everything, and since our last meeting did you go back and grab yourself by the balls and ask yourself what you really really want? Let us review that and RESET your goals. (40 Minutes).

F. Week 13 : Road Map: After you reviewed your goals and all that you desire, did you look at what must be accomplished to achieve what you want (4 weeks of getting people to realize our goals and put of action behind them to make it happen. So for these 4 weeks it will be goals tied to what we have taught them and or accomplished for them.

G. Week 14 : Road Map II : After goal assessment it’s time to create the plan to use and put in practice what you have learned (60 Minutes).




A. Week 15 : What happens to a client that has learned about The Credit System in our Country and now they want to learn how to work with us as a Member of the PMA or a Referring Member of the PMA.

B. Week 16 : The TIACE Process Reviewed from acceptance to funding (Part 1)

C. Week 17 : The TIACE Process Reviewed from acceptance to funding (Part 2)

D. Week 18 : Whats Possible with TIACE if you refer a few people or many both options reviewed.





A. Week 19: CORPORATE CREDIT BASICS: Introduction and explanation of the basics of Corporate Credit

B. Week 20: Social Security Number vs. Tax ID Number

C. Week 21: Corporate Debt Liability vs Personal Liability.

D. Week 22: Do you buy a company or start one from scratch the advantages and disadvantages of making either choice (Part 1).

E. Week 23: Do you buy a company or start one from scratch the advantages and disadvantages of making either choice (Part 2).

F. Week 24 : Building Corporate Credit – How Do I?

G. Week 25 : Revolving Corporate Credit Lines vs. A Straight Capital Loan.

H. Week 26 : Building Multi Million Dollar Lines of Credit.

I. Week 27 : Strategies on keeping your corporate credit raiting excellent even through any financial or economic challenges or downturns.

J. Week 28 : Leaving you with a plan to build wealth using the corporate credit you built.



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