How many of you were required to take a course in credit while in high school? In college? Money, credit, and finances are challenges for many of us because no one took the time to explain to us the fundamentals such as how markets work, how debt works, or even how to balance your checkbook. So many of us enter our early 20s with debt partly because we didn’t know any better — until it was too late.

Creducation was founded to educate you on the basics of credit, how the Federal Reserve system works, and how to gain access to finances to start a business. From FICO scores to the money cycle, Creducation will answer all of your questions and give you the knowledge you need to use money successfully. Founded by The International Association Of Credit Engineers, a company that helps you use credit capital to fund your business, we are passionate about helping others succeed. We’re here to help you by providing credit capital opportunities and also credit consulting services, so you can leverage your credit score to your advantage.

Creducation will help you build wealth by employing our services. If you are not quite where you need to be financially, we’ll help you get there through giving you the tools and knowledge you’ll need to increase your credit score.

For those that are truly passionate about building their wealth with The International Association Of Credit Engineers, however you are not quite where you need to be we offer Creducation. We’ll give you key insights to boost your personal or business credit for free. We offer a wealth of information on our Facebook page. We also offer a closed group for those dedicated and committed to joining our Credit Capital or Credit Consulting programs. We’ll help you repair your credit by referring you to do-it-yourself programs or we’ll match you to the right credit help company. If required, we have resources to help you eliminate debt as well.

Some of the topics we’ll cover in Creducation include:

  • FICO score breakdown

  • Where to get your three reports from the big three credit reporting agencies (TransUnion, Equifax, and Experian)

  • How to read your credit report

  • Identifying mistakes on your credit report

  • Costs of bad credit

  • Information on The International Association Of  Credit Engineers Credit Lease and Credit Consulting Programs

  • Federal Reserve and the money cycle

  • TCE Credit Repair Partners

  • TCE Debt Elimination Partners

  • Separating business credit from personal credit

  • and much more

If you are interested in beginning your path to building wealth, fill out our membership application form. Once you become a member, a consultant from The International Association of Credit Engineers will contact you to help you on your journey.